About This Project

Launched in 2012 by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, The Medicine Abuse Project aims to curb the abuse of medicine, the most significant drug problem in the United States today, and one which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified as an epidemic. The campaign encourages parents, stakeholders and the public to take action: first, by talking with their kids about the dangers of abusing prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and second, by safeguarding and properly disposing of unused medications.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has made a five-year commitment to this effort, with the goal of preventing half a million teens from abusing prescription drugs by the year 2017, while advancing intervention and treatment resources to help those who have already begun to abuse these products.

The Medicine Abuse Project enlists key constituents, including parents, health care professionals, educators and community leaders, enabling them to play a role in ending the epidemic of medicine abuse. The Medicine Abuse Project website houses a suite of comprehensive resources tailored to each of these groups to help them learn about and address the problem. Website visitors are encouraged to take a pledge to end medicine abuse by learning about teen medicine abuse, safeguarding medicines at home and talking to teens about the issue.